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We have been working on Slow, steady strong & smooth movement. I love how you are all embracing this idea of working with focused intent to feel sensations as we practice.

Thank you for your continued commitment I'm in awe of your dedication right now. Now yoga Bristol website looks a little different • have a peek 🫣 Thanks to @libby_elm There is a price increase on the class pass - but you do get the link to the Tuesday on line class & That you can join every week! If you don't attend an in person -buy the on line class individually. it's cheaper than having a 5 class pass.(for the Tuesday on line only) You can cancel a booking up to an hour before 🥹 if you download the app you can go on a waiting list if the class is full. Have a great last weekend in November friends 🖤🩷#yogainbristol #yogaforrealpeople #yogaclass #yogaflow #yogabristol #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogacommunity #yogainnorthsomerset #yogaflow #yogapractice

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