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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

We are starting to close inward. For much needed nourishment and rest, as we settle into a slower pace.

The light changes to encourage more stillness. We do not want to stop completely.

Think of all the magic that happens underground while nature sleeps.

Drawing energy from things that have been let go create new vibrant strong growth. ...

...I am offering an online Yoga Nidra that's no movement, just stillness into deep relaxation

next Sunday 19th 7pm you will be in your own home. Laying down on your mat, or May be in bed. Warm and quiet I will guide you through a deep rest we will explore letting go. To book go to events.

There are just 4 Monday mornings & 4 Wednesday evenings left before a 3 week break over Christmas.

Please be sure to book your weekly Wednesday evening class in advance to save the disappointment of not getting in! Please reschedule your booking before class if you can not make it, to free up space for others to attend.

There is always space on Monday mornings 9.30am. Also at Failand Village Hall.

Blessings always 🌺

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