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Season’s greetings ✨

I am about to finish up for Christmas 🤶 One more class tomorrow morning

I would like to take a moment of reflection to everyone that has practiced with me this last year, to everyone that has connected with me in person or by social media. You inspire me to continue sharing yoga with others, I am grateful for your commitment, courage, resilience & continually showing up .

When I first started teaching I was constantly asked ....who are you going to teach, what style do you teach?..| didn't want to label it, I don't like labels. We humans love to have names for things and put them in boxes. Plus I didn't know ...

Yoga practice is an Awareness practice, a Willingness to be present, to watch, listen and experience without judgement, with enquiry. I continue to be constantly curious. Exploring movement in different ways to connect to our body. To connect to our breath.

As we age no matter what age. 20s and on into our 80s we change....It is so important for us to respect our life cycle, just as we watch the seasons. To acknowledge with compassion what we need. Not always what we want but what we need to be well to happy. We can learn a lot on the mat about ourselves if we are willing to practice yoga with awareness, without judgement.

I want to keep you moving, to experience your own way, in this method we call Yoga.🌺

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