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Finding balance in 2024

In 2023 - I closed my yoga studio, it was a process to realise the community I wanted to build with other yoga teachers was not going to happen.

I have learned so much from the experience, I can share yoga anywhere !

In 2015 I started teaching weekly yoga in the dance studio at Ashton Park School.

I am delighted to say on 4th Feb 2024 I will be back there doing a Sunday morning floor based practice for nourishment & self care.

On 17th Feb. Saturday morning I will be doing a full 90 minute class for Body & Breath work for ignition of heat to influence Change.

I hope you can join me, I still teach some of the same beautiful people that came to my first classes there!

I am So grateful. Look out for more....2024 is about where I can take this movement method & self care awareness practice we call Yoga. See you on the mat my friends let's do this! Always with kindness x

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