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February Events ❤️

Would you like to explore yoga a little more, on Sunday 4th Feb at 11am I am offering a floor based practice. We will be using blosters, block's & blankets. I hope you can join me at Ashton Park school in the dance studio. It has free parking and is not in the congregation charge. Look for 'Events' on Website or Wix app. to book. I am also holding at Saturday morning there on 17th Feb 10.30 90 minutes full practice. I am looking at venues further a field for mini retreats🤩

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I’ll keep up my daily practice and wish you a speedy (rested) recovery when the time comes 🪷


I hope the operation goes well Jo and thanks for all your communications. Positive vibes all the way ♥️♥️♥️💪🏻

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