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Deep rest-Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra-on line with Now yoga Bristol. In street language, my way. You lye down when we are ready to start but before make sure you have everything you may need. Wear soft cosy clothes (pj’s is my favourite) when we practice on line You are at home so no one can see you! Be in a space you will not be distracted or disturbed. Have your room low light you will not be moving around. Make sure you will be warm. When you get ready have a pillow for under the knees if you wish. A folded blanket or flattish pillow under your head. A blanket to put over you, if you find it challenging to be still or relax use a heavy weight blanket across your belly and thighs. You can be in bed if you wish as this is an evening session you may drift off!

The idea is that you don’t, fall a sleep but hey my opinion if you need sleep you sleep.

You click the link join on zoom. Get yourself sorted on your back use pillows and an eye bag if you have one. Get as symmetrical as you can.

If you want ear phones to listen go for it, the idea is that you simply listen, you do not need to see anything! You rest while I guide you through to deep relaxation. There are some old written text for Nidra. I write my own following the stages A rotation of awareness in the body, then breath. Moving into a visualisation, a journey taking you to place of peace & calm. I may read a poem that resonates too!

I have chime's I may tingle a bit, at the end I switch off you stay where you are or gently roll over get yourself a warm drink and have a delicious night sleep. I hope x

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