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Why we practice together.

Dear Yogis

I simply can not wait to move with you again.

This period of recovery has given me time to reflect on why we meet and join together to practice.

The collective energy is palpable,

we arrive into this world as energy,

same as the stars, wild-life, wind and ocean.

Messy, raw, perfectly imperfect in our chaos.

One of the things yoga teaches us is to continually release the need to control, instead to surrender to our natural rhythm.

To be open to new circumstances and situations.

Probably most of us turn up on the mat to improve our flexibility.

of course yoga enables us to move well as we age and change.

But also to move with awareness, kindness and connection to our breath.

Anatomically there are poses we can't and never will ( in this lifetime) achieve.

but most of us don't have that extreme range of motion, nor do we need it.

We can continue to explore our possibilities on the mat,

checking in with our choices again and again.

With functional movement through accessible yoga practice we are on the path to healthy boundaries.

Yoga doesn't always feel good!

It is not always easy!

It is not just stretching! ( unless that's all you want )

When we pay attention we can self regulate.

Decide what feed back we need from our body.

We need to play to find our limit, move and explore with loving kindness, Finding our boundaries on the mat, and in life.

Thank you for continuing to practice with our wonderful teachers Paula and Cathrine at Failand Village Hall. I am so grateful to them for offering you yoga.

I am back to class at Failand on 3rd June.

Back to David Lloyd LA 3rd June .

Back on line 4th June .

Back at Workout Ashton 5th June.

🌺🌺Bookings open for Sunday 23rd

June an afternoon of mid summer practice with relaxation and a delicious plant based buddha bowl.

I am so pleased to tell you that our friend and reiki master Jane will be joining us.🌺🌺

See you soon kindness always Jo ✨

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