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Shifting into freedom

The Last Monday at Failand Village hall is done, until September. I am still on line Tuesdays for all, every where! & Wednesday evenings until of July.

This week Sauca - Purity. To purify- on our mat. We can build heat as we practice to clear and shift energy into transformation...a big statement I know !

It could be a little shift- maybe in the mindset of the day or your current mood. It could be a shift in a physical sense. If we don't move differently and freely and often no shift will come.

Do too much and you will burn out.

I hope to see you for the remainder of July .

I have reduced classes in August still at David Lloyd in Long Ashton Monday, Tuesday & Fridays. Workout Ashton Wednesday lunchtimes.

Keep moving, be well healthy & happy.

Kindness always 🌺

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