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Last term 🌱

The Sun is out! No expectations!

For me there is a sense of freedom coming, away from the responsibility of running a small space, being finically tied by a building has been one of the most interesting, frustrating, worrying, exhausting, fun, exciting and heartwarming experiences.

It did not turn out anything like I imagined.

I have been so surprised and grateful for your support helping me through this time.

For friends that came to move, to experience each moment, in that very moment without leaving any thing out….I am inspired by you.

Tiredness, frustration, anger, sorrow, happiness, energised, mobile, stiff,

steady and unsteady…

All is welcome.



Now Dates to note.


Monika will be offering a Gong Bath at Studio 5 on Sunday 4th June 7pm.


May Bank holidays are done we have a clear run of Monday morning classes.

5 Monday morning classes in a row!

The last Monday 9.30am will be on 3rd July

The last Tuesday 45 min. Class at the studio will be 4th July.


I am on holiday Wednesday 12th July but will be back for 2 more weeks at Failand village Hall,

finishing on 27th July for the summer then  back in Sept.


Next session at Ashton Court Mansion House 17th June 10am-11.30am

Open Body & Breath Yoga inside the mansion house-Music Room.


I still have the studio until the end of Aug.

I have nothing booked for me there after 4th July.


I seem to have run out of steam, not with the teaching of yoga but with being a studio manager.

I may do something over the summer so keep your eyes on social media and in your inbox.


There are a couple of other things happening in July over at the studio,

But if you would like to use the space while I have it let me know by email.


Be healthy, Be happy, Be Kind



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