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Beyond The Pose

As many of you know I have had a procedure recently, infact almost 3 weeks ago.

That is 3 weeks of no Asanas practice, for many that is translated as No yoga! not true,

I have done more yoga than you can imagine.

Let me explain if I may.

I will start with a book written in the Classical yoga period somewhere between 3000 & 6000 years ago (yoga predates this book of course, but not 'yoga' as we know it today here in west.)

The book called 'The yoga sutras of patanjali', Sutra meaning thread.

There are 195 verses of yoga philosophy, only one verse mentions posture.

Asana is a steady, stable comfortable posture.

In this text there is an explanation of the 8 limb path of Yoga.

Two of the limbs are moral principles and observances.

Yamas-of which there are 5 .

  1. Ahimsa- Nonviolence or kindness.

  2. satya- Truthfulness or honesty.

  3. asteya- Non-stealing of things, ideas or time.

  4. brahmacharya- Self restraints -moving beyond self gratification.

5. aparigraha - Non- grasping, letting go of attachment.

Niyamas- of which there are 5.

  1. Sauca- Purity or cleanliness, both physical and mental.

  2. samtosa- Contentment- living in the present moment the best way we can.

  3. tapas- Discipline -fire required for discipline.

  4. svadhyaya- Self study or noticing ones attitude.

  5. Iswara Pranidhana- Devotion to a god of your choice or pure awareness, surrender.

Now although this is alot, we can practice a sence of each of these observances both on and off the mat. I personally am still practicing all of them both on and off the mat!

Each time we practice together and move through our asana practice we will focus on one of the observances. That way we can take our practice 'Beyond the Pose'

Developing our mind/body connection, using breath awareness to calm & quieten our judgements & expectations of our busy lives.

If we begin to notice and befriend our breath it can help sooth our nervous system.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again in June to practice our Beyond the Pose slow flow sequencing.🌺

Booking open on Events page for Mid Summer afternoon of Full yoga practice, deep relaxation and a nourishing plant based Buddha Bowl.

At High Vibe yoga studio in BS3.



Kindness first & last Jo 🌺

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