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April showers! 😜

We certainly have experienced change from Mother Nature this past month, with the rain, sun and everything in-between.

‘Sthira Sukha’ - from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 2.46 A book widely studied by many yogis.

Sthira - from the root word- to stand firm.

Stability, Steadiness, strength, and intent.


Sukha-Su-meaning 'good' Khu-meaning 'space'

Comfort, ease,and openness,


We strive to have these qualities in our yoga practice.

Both on and off the mat, practice with awareness.

Notice if you are pushing too hard or not enough, be kind find the balance.

Through yoga practice on the mat it can help us to be more aware of our actions and thoughts.

Power & strength is Gentleness, compassion, humility & gratitude.


failand Village Hall- Class schedule April/May

I'm back Monday 15th & 22nd April 9.30am

From 29th April through May- Paula a lovely new local yoga teacher will be leading the class.


Back on line Tuesdays 9th ,16th & 23rd April.there will be no line classes until June.


I'm back Wednesday 10th, 17th & 24th April 6.30pm.

From 1st May through May -Cathrine Bicknell a very experienced yoga teacher will be leading the class.


My gym classes at the David Lloyd & workout are being covered by the clubs.

Be happy, well & kind 🌺

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