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Jo Derrick

Yoga classes in Bristol and the South West

Now Yoga Bristol



"Jo’s classes in her new eco studio are such a joy to partake in. Jo always has a warm welcome and her clear instructions are easy to follow. I have multiple conditions and Jo always anticipates how I may need to adapt without me feeling self conscious. I love the daydreamer classes when Jane holds the space with reiki and provides some tasty treats at the end, the long relaxation at the end leaves me feeling calm for days. I have also recently been enjoying the Friday morning class, it is the perfect end to the week. Today was Jo’s first Yin Yoga class in her studio, this is very different to flowing but I really enjoyed the longer poses, paying more heed to my breathing and gently stretching, I look forward to further Yin Yoga classes. I can’t recommend Jo’s classes enough, her passion for yoga is infectious and there is definitely something special about that space."

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